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It's Time To Take a Look Again At "Made In China" Now
- 2018-01-13

It's Time To Take a Look Again At "Made In China" Now

The whole industry boycotted, the product sent by free but no one to want, desperate fight for four years, finally become the industry proud.

If you're an entrepreneur, will you bet all your wealth and spend your life on a brand that's not trusted by consumers?

Most people may not make the choice, but one firm is determined to resist the pressure and go upstream. Not only did they do it, but in the short four years, they achieved annual sales of more than 2 billion yuan, which won the recognition of consumers, and the growth rate was always the first in the whole industry.

Which company is so good?

It is Junlebao. Junlebao used to be the main business of yoghurt, which ranked fourth in the country after yili, mengniu and light.But four years ago, Junlebao decided to enter the milk powder industry.

Want to know the melamine scandal in 2008, basically on the whole domestic milk powder industry destructive blow - old industry leader Sanlu ceased to exist, narrowly survive the powdered milk enterprise live unusually hard also.

But it is in Shijiazhuang that the company started the milk powder industry in the local area, which is almost equal to the reconstruction of the home in the nuclear explosion area.Encouragingly, they made it.

During this time, I have been studying the company of Junlebao, and the deeper the research is, the more it is found that the process of the enterprise's counter-attack is a textbook example.

President of Junlebao Group


"Lao wei, are you crazy?"

In August 2012, Junle Group President Wei Lihua went to Germany for a packaging industry exhibition, a line of more than 50 people off the plane after the first thing is baskets to milk powder.

"For shame."Wei Lihua's first feeling.He had brought a box of business CARDS and he had been in the cold for fifteen days.His first intimate feel what call " hit face", even though you extreme advocate business wu is yogurt, has not moved into milk powder, but he still feel irritable on the face, take this as the "Chinese dairy disgrace".

Can China build rockets, high-speed trains, and supercomputers?He did not believe, that is then, Wei Lihua decided to make milk powder.

How easy is it?

The "melamine" incident almost caused Chinese parents to talk about "domestic milk powder", and since then, "imported milk powder" and "overseas online shopping milk powder" have become the choice of millions of Chinese parents.In 2008, China imported 140,000 tons of milk powder, surging to 310,000 tons in 2009.In 2016, China imported 604,000 tons of milk powder.Parents from China rushed into the world's morbid panic buying, as if foreign milk powder was a guarantee, and domestic milk powder brands shunned.

Although jun to extreme industry during the earthquake in 2008 and no milk powder business, the liquid milk product inspection is no problem, but Wei Lihua decided to fall in the shijiazhuang sanlu milk powder production, the decision to let the vast majority of people can't understand!Including the people closest to him.

Wei Lihua's wife first disagreed, " Lao wei you are crazy, Lao tian (tian wenhua, former sanlu group chairman) is still in prison!"The daughter more disapprovingly, she earnestly advised Wei Lihua "father, I spend money very province, our family's money is enough."

But what Wei Lihua thinks is more than money, "to make money, I will continue to make yogurt."His idea coincides with Facebook founder mark zuckerberg's idea that "successful entrepreneurs didn't start out to start businesses, but to solve a meaningful problem."

He wants to solve the problem of the trust of domestic milk powder.

But the collapsed house is easy to build, the loss of trust can come back?

Wei Lihua does not believe that there is "no" in this world.When it comes to the need for professional talent, he has hired an experienced executive from the industry to take charge of the milk powder business, and is prepared to fight a war on domestic milk powder.

After two months of research, executives gave two comments:

One, can do, but want to register a business abroad, do not do in China, do not do in shijiazhuang;

Second, start a new stove, can not continue to use the brand of "Junlebao".

Mr Wei knows his "little mind" - in a different place, consumers will not easily connect with melamine;Change the brand, in case the failure also will not affect the original development of a good king lebao.

But Wei Lihua strongly disagreed, and he insisted on two points: he did it in shijiazhuang, and must use the brand of junebao."This is the place where the domestic milk powder falls, what I want to do is let the domestic milk powder from this fall from this stand up, for the domestic milk powder of the name, give the Chinese to contend for breath!".

Executives are less confident, and Mr Wei lets him watch the documentary of world motivational guru Nick hu."Nick  Hu can stand up without his hands and feet. Why can't you stand up?"

Encouraged by Mr Wei, everyone was driven, but the executive was still unimpressed.Wei Lihua knew that if there was no courage to burn the boat, it would not be done.In desperation, Mr. Wei paid a few more months to let the executive leave.


It's not that we're cheap, but that others are too expensive.

But milk powder still has to do, how to do?Who did it?At this time, the low temperature business unit marketing director liu senmiao came to Wei Lihua, MAO sui volunteered to attack the "mountain top".

Liu is young and inexperienced, but the young people dare to do it, the star product of Junlebao -- the jujube yogurt is made by liu.

So, Wei Lihua immediately clapped the board, let this dare to dare to do the young man, under the pressure to do the milk powder.

Junlebao World Top Class Factory

The problem with melamine is that in the milk, Wei Lihua and the team pushed back, controlling each link from the source.They set up four criteria:

The primary milk of junebao ranch is better than that of the United States, Japan and European Union.

Global optimization of top suppliers and raw materials, only with the world's top three raw materials suppliers cooperation;

To build the world's leading factory and integrate the world-class process equipment;

Introducing the world's general food safety management system...

Wei Lihua is not evil - if every link is the world's top, can not produce the top milk powder?

On April 12, 2014, jun lebao milk powder finally went public.They are better than the United States, Japan and the European Union in terms of their body cells, protein levels, microbes, and colony Numbers.

How much is this good milk powder?

A can sells for 130 yuan, while the average price in the domestic market is three hundred and four hundred.

Why is it so cheap?'it's not that you're cheap,' Mr. Wei said. 'it's that people are selling too much.'Before pricing, he sent his team to market research in Europe, Australia and America.They found that the same brand of milk powder in China sold for three times or even four times as much.

Why is China's milk powder the most expensive in the world?

Wei Lihua analyzed the reason, in fact, before the melamine event, China's milk powder is not expensive, but after the incident, the Chinese consumers because of deep mistrust of domestic brands to choose foreign brands, instead of the more expensive foreign brands that sell sell better.

In order to cater to Chinese consumers' "please" mentality, brands start to compete with each other.Jun lebao's team has calculated that the milk powder has been raised at least six times since 2008, rising by as much as 30 percent each time.Hence the formation of "more expensive, more expensive, more expensive" cycle.

Today, Chinese milk powder has become the most expensive milk powder in the world.There were media reports that the money could be between 30 and 50 billion dollars.


Starting with negative Numbers, the rise of the ruins.

Cheap, and the world's top standard milk powder, should sell well?

No, on the contrary, no one buys it, no one believes that shijiazhuang can produce good milk powder.

Wei Lihua spirit, don't sell I send, jun to extreme in the central people's broadcasting station, a dozen times a day do advertising, as long as someone call free of charge, but consumers still don't know, a day on average two or three phone.

When the employees called back, they said, "let the dog try the milk, and don't dare to drink it..."Liu said to Wei Lihua to report this situation, the tears brush down to fall.

Wei Lihua tried to control his tears, and he was afraid that his slightest wavering would affect the morale of the army.He continued to fight, "what's the hurry, the dog dare to eat, the next person dare to eat."

At the end of the year, the company lost 80 million yuan, while the profit of the whole group was only over 100 million.Another person advised, "old wei, don't do, you a private enterprise boss have several hundred million can compensate?"

Wei Lihua ignored him.

Experience of Junlebao Farm

But it's too slow to try to rally consumers.Mr Wei has come up with a plan to open factories and ranches to the public, boosting consumer confidence.

Results to our surprise, when these people see you are more beautiful than villa ranch, fully automatic milking equipment, even up to the five-star standard toilet, they became the first seed users.

Wei Lihua also brought the executive team to deliver milk powder to the consumers personally, communicating with the consumers, so that you can do a little bit.

To our delight, the milk powder has developed faster than Wei Lihua imagined.Before the 2014 double eleven, Mr. Liu found Mr. Wei, saying he was ready to sell 30 million units of milk powder.Although you are already a little known in the industry, the foreign brands can't sell 30 million on the day of singles day. Can the brand of milk powder that has just been established for a few months be all right?Wei Lihua in his heart also said, but still appreciated the courage of liu.

Mr Liu worked his way out, leading the team three months in advance.On the day of the double eleven, Wei Lihua and the team all stared at the big screen, "one million", "two million"...The Numbers on the screen were beating at an incredible rate.Every time he broke a million, Wei Lihua let his employees drum a drum in the middle of the office building.

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1" after midnight, the whole jun LeBaoCheng the joy of the ocean, the gentleman to extreme milk powder sales reached $28.3 million, nearly 30 million, more than all the foreign brands of milk powder.Then Wei Lihua looked back, and liu, who had not slept for sixty hours, was already lying on the ground.

This is the "double eleven" campaign to carry out six years of domestic milk powder for the first time over the foreign brand, this is to the whole national dairy industry, the historical significance is extraordinary.


Sell domestic milk powder to the world.

By 2015, you have won the eu double certification and became the first baby milk powder company in the world to pass the food safety standard (BRC)A+ certification.

Where is the difficulty of "A+" certification?If it is level A or class B, the certification process can be arranged, but "A+" is randomly selected.That means your extreme must make sure every time any link cannot be a problem, because certification officer may at any time to factory inspection, once the inspection is unqualified, before all the certification will be cancelled.

This has forced you into the crater of the volcano. You have to be careful and careful. It can be like the phoenix nirvana. It is very likely that you will be shot to death at the bottom of the valley.

Wei Lihua broke his boat and left no room for himself. He wrote what he often said in the factory, "we can only do the best because we have no choice".

Under the unremitting high standard of self-management, Junlebao factory successfully passed the inspection of the certification officer, and won the first A+ certification of the global milk powder industry.

Gao hongbing, a former vice minister of agriculture and President of the Chinese dairy association, said the certification would be as important to domestic dairy companies as the Olympic gold.

With the European Union's certification and market accumulation, jun lebao milk powder sales volume came up.

Through the (BRC)A+ top certification, Mr. Wei set A new target for the team to sell milk powder to Hong Kong.This decision involves a little bit of gambling.When you see the Hong Kong government "one-time carry two cans of milk powder, more than norm even illegal" regulation, Wei Lihua spirit play table "don't let the mainland buy, then I can sell the milk powder to Hong Kong!"

Junlebao Login Hong Kong

Mainland milk powder sells to Hong Kong, this still has no precedent, how to do?The team was trying to find a way to bring Hong Kong fehd officials to Junlebao.After visiting Junlebao's ranch and factory, the official gave a thumbs-up, saying it was the best milk powder factory he had ever seen.

After a rigorous review by the parties, jun lebao successfully entered the Hong Kong region in August 2016.And it sold well. In just one year, you sold 60,000 cans of milk powder in Hong Kong, and the sales volume exceeded hk $12 million.

A year later, you have successfully entered macau, becoming the first domestic milk powder to be used in Hong Kong and Macao market.

This year, you have sold more than 2 billion yuan of milk powder, and they expect to reach 4 billion next year.The milk powder brand, which has been established for three or four years, has been a great success for domestic milk powder."I want to sell milk powder in Hong Kong, Macao and the United States," said wei. "I want to sell it all over the world."

In Wei Lihua, there is always such an unyielding spirit.

Wei Lihua now has a habit of not moving, is running.Six years ago, when he first started running, he felt the whole "lungs explode" just 200 meters.But one day is better than the other, and the next day you can run four hundred meters, and the third day you can stick to eight hundred meters...Today, Mr. Wei, who is in his 50s, runs 10 kilometers a day and runs four or five marathons a year. His goal is to get a marathon grand slam.

He said he do insist on running process and the process of milk powder is extremely similar, "a began to see a little hope, all problems, even so, also get at best, and must not be difficult to play down."

Insisted that the result is Wei Lihua physical quality is getting better and better, from the beginning more than one hundred and eighty jins weight off now more than one hundred and forty catties, and jun to extreme milk powder from the beginning to send all nobody now again and again to break through the imagination to the domestic milk powder.

Many people have said that Wei Lihua "axis", which is also the "axis" to keep the milk powder, won the trust of consumers.

The hardships are certainly not what an article can convey.


Made from China to "quality" made in China.

In the past, Chinese manufacturing was "big" and not "strong", and now more and more Chinese manufacturers are beginning to build up China's "quality" and "create" China.

Take junebao as an example, the milk powder produced by the company has achieved the anti-superposition of the quality of the foreign milk powder, which is more recognized by the country's top leaders.

In January, the party and the country's top leaders inspected the company's flagship dairy industry.He had been waiting for nearly half an hour for a 15-minute study, and before he left, he said to Wei Lihua, "let the next generation of our country drink the milk powder, I take it seriously."

This almost made Wei Lihua tears in his eyes, the affirmation and support from the supreme leader, let him have the confidence and determination to do well in milk powder.

Among the fastest money and the best products, many Chinese entrepreneurs, represented by wei li, have quietly chosen the latter, like a stubborn old craftsman.Despite the temptations of the past 20 or 30 years, they have made their products world-class.

In the past 30 years, great changes have taken place in China's economy, but there are a lot of public of China's manufacturing capability on a lot of misunderstanding, a lot of people's cognitive still made in China means poor quality low price.In fact, China is the only country with complex products, large scale and open manufacturing capacity.

China may have had a rough manufacturing enterprise, but today's Chinese manufacturing has become the "quality" of China, and it is all the rage in the world.

Inadvertently, "made in China" products are sold almost everywhere in the world.Small to a needle, big to gantry crane, everywhere is made in China.

ZPMC Made In China

As you see this article at the same time, gree air-conditioning, haier washing machine distribution in Australian home, China's up in the western United States on the prairie, byd's new energy vehicles the size of the street in London and go...Even US President Donald trump's pens are from China.

Wu xiaobo, a famous financial writer, once wrote an article "go to Japan to buy a toilet seat".In fact, the smart toilet seat that many Chinese buy back from Japan is made in China. Even the smart toilet seat made in Japan is not necessarily better than the quality made in China.

Media have done the experiment, phoenix TV "a tiger team" once the toilet cover made in China and Japan in the two toilet cover the field experience, unexpectedly, all guests to experience the best seat should all come from the two private enterprises in China.

Because the information gap is good, it is a deformed mindset of Chinese consumers.

But foreign manufacturing is not equal to quality assurance.

The quality of Japanese manufacturing has been a scandal in recent years.In June, takata, the world's biggest maker of airbags, was exposed as a safety hazard.In April of last year, mitsubishi motors reported a "burning gate"...

Richard thaler, the economist who won the Nobel Prize in economics this year, is best known for his theory that "people are irrational."He has a famous theory: some economic behavior in everyday life, people tend to think rationally, but the actual results show that most people are formed by the past "intuition" to make a decision.

The Chinese people should not be frivolous, blindly worshipping foreign manufacturers, or blindly attacking Chinese manufacturing is irrational.This is very unfair to good Chinese manufacturing entrepreneurs.The quality of Chinese goods is rising, and the mentality of Chinese people is changing unconsciously. We are more and more confident, and we are more and more satisfied with Chinese goods.

From Mr Lu is not qualified to be universal joint iron to sell, to Mr Zhang hit the refrigerator, to lead the domestic mobile phone fight for a crowd of lei jun and to the domestic milk powder justify Wei Lihua, they are "made in China" pillars and hope.

It’s time to take a look again at “Made In China”.

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