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Gomtel VIQO and duraMOBI brand exhibited at CEEC
- 2018-03-29

Gomtel VIQO and duraMOBI brand exhibited at CEEC

On March 28, the China international consumer electronics exhibition center (CEEC), which has been in preparation and construction for nearly two years, opened in Futian district, Shenzhen, China.


Opening and Cutting Ceremony

As based on shenzhen, services across the country, facing global platform, CEEC is by the national ministry of industry and the shenzhen municipal government jointly build the set of high-end consumer electronics product release, exhibition display, the user experience, investment negotiations, cooperation, trade five trading center for the integration of the international consumer electronics show.


Large Quantity Visitors

Since 2016 to start construction, overtown LOFT CEEC to deep industry as the core, linkage huaqiang north business circle, 4 square meters of exhibition space reasonable planning for the seven functional areas, dig into shenzhen, China and consumer electronics development of new technologies, new products, new achievements, agglomeration show global electronic especially the consumer electronics industry chain of high-end products and technologies.

At the same time, e-commerce platform will be set up in the future, with the combination of online, offline and virtual reality to build the China international consumer electronics display and trading center, which will never end in 365 days.



Gomtel VIQO and duraMOBI Brand Exhibition Hall

During CEEC, duraMOBI is located in the overseas high-end segment market and industry application terminal market. VIQO is positioned in the global market of high-end smart wearable products and intelligent Internet of things products.


Gomtel in CEEC to rely on this show is about to become internationally influential trade platform, their most innovative consumer electronics, technology, services to the wider international stage, contributing to "smart" China alone!

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