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DK66 Rugged Mobile Computer Attracted Customers At Modex 2018
- 2018-04-12

DK66 Rugged Mobile Computer Attracted Customers At Modex 2018

At this moment, in China, we have been busy for a day, and Atlanta, 12 hours apart, is sleeping soundly.So far, the us MODEX Atlanta show has been running for three days.

This time, thousands of companies from all over the world gathered in the americas largest manufacturing, distribution, transportation and supply chain solutions expo, displaying the latest technology and innovation, plan for industry trends, to discuss cooperation business opportunities, showed a flourishing trend.

Gomtel overseas flagship product duraMOBI DK66 rugged mobile computer, with exquisite appearance, stable performance and special design to adapt to the overseas market, also had the opportunity to shine, won the favour of overseas merchants.



Following the development trend of smart logistics, the DK66 incustrial handheld terminal is embedded in the logistics warehouse solution module at the beginning of the product design.

Built-in laser scanner, can quickly and accurately identify 1D / 2D barcode, realize the logistics information collection, cargo tracking and warehouse management, and other functions, help enterprises to reduce costs and improve operating efficiency.

DK66, meanwhile, also from the perspective of the customer, on the basis of military MIL quality, set the IP68 protection standards of the highest level, precision of waterproof, dustproof, hockey, and compressive strength, strong, durable and reliable for industrial application of high strength work requirements.



Creating each product with the spirit of "craftsman" is the core concept of duraMOBI brand.DK66 industrial handheld terminal, adhering to this concept, and taking it to the extreme, perfectly capable of high quality and good user experience.

This is also this time DK66 again conquer overseas businessman's huge advantage.

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