What does handheld computers use? December 20,2017.

Handheld computers can save you time and increase your accuracy with clinical facts. The computer part means that you can store all sorts of clinically relevant information, and the handheld part means that you can carry the device wherever your clinical travels take you.

Main uses

Handheld computers have brought important advantages. With a few taps on the screen, for example, you can convert an appointment for Tuesday's outpatients clinic to an outpatients appointment for every Tuesday of this year (this is much quicker than using a paper diary). Ticking off a task hides it from the handheld computer's screen, leaving a tidy, shorter list of tasks for completion; a house officer's paper list of tasks becomes increasingly messy and illegible as tasks are added, amended, and crossed out. I can scribble a note on my handheld almost as fast as scribbling a note on a piece of paper; finding that note on my handheld computer takes a few seconds, but finding that piece of paper after a year is far more difficult. The device also brings up related notes, tasks, addresses, and appointments.

Summary points

Handheld computers are suited to clinical practice because they are small, affordable, and easy to use; can read handwriting; and have a long battery life

They can run a wide range of medical software

The devices support clinical teamwork by making it easy to share information with other clinicians' PCs and handheld computers

Team work

Handheld computers have several features that make them suited for clinical team work.

Each device has a cable that can share information with PCs. This sharing is called synchronisation, and it means that an appointment that a secretary adds on a PC with Microsoft Outlook will appear in the clinician's handheld computer's diary. The clinician can also use the device to send and receive emails, dictation notes, and pictures.

Information can also be shared between handheld computers. This sharing is called beaming, and you can do it by lining up your device with a colleague's and tapping the “beam” command. The day before I started as a house officer, the departing house officer beamed to me the hospital's phone numbers. The next day I beamed these to another colleague, and so on.

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