The duraMOBI DK66:A new Look in Rugged Mobile Computer November 28,2017.

I was surprised when I saw the DK66 rugged mobile computer.

This mobile computer looks like a consumer smartphone but more rugged.

We have tried to throw it from 3 meters high and put it into water in 10 meters deep for half an hour, the performance are very incredible.

It's real IP68 and meet MIL-STD-810G standards (fully rugged).

Based on this observation we logically assumed that a smartphone featuring the same protection ratings as fully rugged mobile computers and PDAs qualifies as fully rugged. Consequently, for the purposes of our discussion a “rugged mobile computer ” will be any smartphone, PDA or mobile computer.

1D/2D Barcode Scanner

Duramobi DK66 is using Honywell N6603 barcode engine, and the barcode scanning is fast and accurate, can save up much hardware costs by switching to a fully rugged smartphone-based barcode scanning solution.

By purchasing rugged smartphones or adding ruggedness to existing smartphones through fully rugged cases companies can reduce the amount of peripheral hardware they own and maintain while providing their employees with an easy-to-use and much more personal device.

In the case of companies who utilize traditional dedicated barcode scanners, there is an opportunity to do away with old hardware by creating an app that is accessible through company-issued smartphones or employees’ personal smartphone devices. In addition to its use as a barcode scanner or generic data capture device, the rugged smartphone has greater versatility and a better user experience than both the mobile computer and a dedicated scanner.

To get a sense of the scanning capabilities and user experience of DK66 barcode scanning technology, watch our video:


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