The DK66 Rugged Mobile Computer: Where Form Meets Function January 17,2018.

DK66 Rugged Mobile Computer

Business insiders predict that 2017 technology trends will focus heavily on enterprise mobility. And for good reason: currently, more than 97% of adults under 45 own cell phones. This means that nearly all employees — and customers — are mobile. It also means that both constituencies have higher expectations for data accessibility and devices’ ability to help deliver top-notch customer service experiences. In order to stay ahead, companies need to not only match, but exceed the performance of consumer devices. The DK66 rugged mobile computer is where the styling and speed of consumer devices meets the exceptional durability and performance of enterprise devices.

Versatile and feature-rich, the DK66 has capabilities that make it one of the most relied-upon mobile computers on the market — in fact, industry leaders such as Disney and Walmart have chosen this device for its style and functionality. Here are five features that make the DK66 stand out among its competitors, for both retail and healthcare verticals:

1. Android OS

The DK66 not only looks like a contemporary consumer device — it runs on Android, which is widely recognized as the world’s most popular mobile operating system. This combination of styling and software makes the DK66 easy for users to operate intuitively, limiting the amount of time employees will need to spend on training, quickly ensuring maximum productivity.

2. Security

For applications where the abilities to accept mobile payments and access customer profile details are critical, the DK66 offers  a model with an integrated magnetic stripe reader that enables associates to scan credit cards or loyalty or identity cards on the spot. And an encrypted head prevents information from being visible — a feature that helps the DK66 meet both PCI and HIPAA regulations.

3. Scanning Capability

This is where enterprise-grade devices really shine in comparison to consumer devices. Unlike consumer-grade devices, which use the hardware’s built-in camera to capture barcodes, the DK66’s advanced scanning engine is designed to quickly capture dirty, scratched or poorly printed barcodes — the types of codes that are so common in work environments.

4. Durability

Many common causes of device failure arise from damages caused by subjecting devices to extreme wear and tear, everything from cracked screens to dropping devices in water. The rugged DK66 is built to withstand repeated drops, spills, and the daily exposure to conditions you’d expect in a typical enterprise environment. It can also hold up to the frequent sanitizing that is necessary in a healthcare environment.

5. Field Capability

The DK66 features push-to-talk capability that enables workers to communicate easily with other devices, as well as louder, rear-facing speakers that make it possible to hear in a noisy environment. And, to ensure full shift productivity, the DK66 has a high-capacity battery that is easy to swap without losing any data.

Duramobi DK66 mobile computer combines the speed, styling, and ease-of-use of most popular consumer devices with the durability, scanning capability, and security required by enterprise applications. The result is a device that workers feel comfortable using and companies can feel confident in.

For more information about the DK66, or general information about our mobile computer offerings,  contact us. We will help you understand your options and ensure that you get the devices that are right for your business.

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