Rugged handheld terminals designed to streamline your business operations November 29,2017.

Rugged Mobile Computer

duraMOBI DK66 Rugged Handheld Terminals

DuraMOBI are the market leading manufacturers of Rugged Handheld Devices and Solutions.

Each rugged handheld device is engineered with your business in mind, creating an array of functions aimed specific areas of the data capture industry, whether it be retail, transportation and logistics, healthcare, manufacturing or government.

The very latest mobile handheld devices are built with the user in mind, combining ergonomic design with high-quality displays and durable outer-casing.

Controlling and managing stock inventory, warehouse logistics or retail point-of-sale, our handheld terminals come with a host of features and options, including fully sealed and IP rated for use within harsh environments, built-in cameras, barcode scanning and more, making them ideal for any number of enterprise applications.

Granting complete control to the operator, handheld terminals allow data to be captured and verified in real-time, reducing errors and making significant cost savings for your business.

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