Know About Handheld Computers January 2,2018.

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Handheld computers—also known as personal digital assistants (PDAs)—are small, portable devices that offer users many of the same features and capabilities as desktop computers at a fraction of the size. Although the terms "handheld computer" and "PDA" are often used interchangeably, handhelds tend to be larger and feature miniature keyboards, while PDAs tend to be smaller and rely on a touch screen and stylus for data entry.

Since their introduction in the late 1990s, hand-held computers have become standard equipment for many professionals, providing them with tiny, versatile electronic alternatives to paper day planners.

When shopping for a handheld computer, experts recommend that users start by identifying their needs. They should consider, for example, whether they require only personal information management (PIM) functions, or whether they also wish to take notes during meetings, download e-mail and other information from the Internet, and connect with other users through a company computer network. Considering such needs, as well as the available budget, will help users decide among the basic options in handheld computers, including size, display, memory, operating system, and power source.

The size of handheld computers ranges from credit card to small notebook computer, and the available features and power generally increase with greater size. The most popular size for the devices is palm size-which falls somewhere between a calculator and a paperback book.

Many handheld computers are designed to work closely with a desktop computer or network. In order to maintain up-to-date information in both places, a process known as synchronizing data must occur—users must perform frequent uploads and downloads between their PDA and desktop systems. This process can take place through cables, wireless connections, or over telephone lines via modem. Rather than down-loading from PCs, however, some of the more sophisticated handheld devices allow users to connect directly to the Internet for downloading e-mail, Web magazines and news services, and audio programs.

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