Identify the correct handheld terminal for your business needs December 28,2017.

DK66 Rugged Mobile Computer

With so many options and specifications available when considering handheld terminals and mobile computers for your enterprise, it is helpful to know some of the key features from which to choose from.

Selecting your handheld terminals in this way will ultimately safeguard your purchases whilst giving you the assurance that the device is well-suited to your working environment.

Depending on where the terminal will be deployed, there are various screen and display options to consider. Handheld terminals can be shipped with colour and sunlight-readable displays as well as with numerous touchscreen options.

The weight and ultimately the size of the unit are important to scrutinise in relation to the nature of the deployment. lighter unit of rugged handheld terminals would be the better choice in terms of productivity and importantly, employee adoption.

The maximum battery life can vary for each handheld terminal, usually ranging from 10 hours upwards. Where usage is over significantly long periods of time, a unit with superior battery life is essential, or extra battery units may be required.

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