DK66: The next generation of rugged handheld computers December 28,2017.

Light Cost. Heavy Workload.

The DK66 is the next generation of rugged handheld computers from DURAMOBI INC. Designed, manufactured, and serviced in Shenzhen, China.

It's an exceptional tool for use in commercial applications where the convenience of data communication is preferred over wired methods, and where acquisition cost is an important factor when selecting a data collection device.

The DK66 runs Android 6.0, comes equipped 2G RAM and 16G ROM 1.5G HZ ARM Quad Core CPU.

Build in Honeywell N6603 1D/ 2D barcode imager and NXP66T NFC chip.

IP68 rated and makes MIL-STD-810G standard make it can be run over by car, DK66 rugged handheld computer is more than tough.

See the video here:


DK66 is suitable for applications such as Inventory Counts, Asset

Tracking, Check-In/Check-Out, Receiving/Shipping, Audit/Verification, and much more.

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