DK66: Maybe the best Rugged Mobile Computer of the world October 11,2017.
Rugged mobile computers are built to withstand tough working conditions.

Using rugged devices enables your workforce to get work done faster, more accurately and productively and in a more consistent manner with greater efficiency.

Normally, rugged mobile computers can be deployed for up to three times longer than consumer devices and include sophisticated touch screen technology suitable for multiple tough working conditions and environments.

For example, in cold and freezer environments, mobile computers must be designed and built to meet temperature sensitive challenges or it can cause device corrosion, short-circuit and failure. Because batteries are unable to release energy when temperatures are below critical levels, devices not designed for cold environments become unreliable and productivity problems ensue.

duraMOBI DK66 Rugged Mobile Computer lowest working temperature can be arrive at -38℃. In such a low temperature environment, using DK66 to do the data capture also have good performance.

Industrial Handheld PDA With 1D/2D Barcode Scanner And NFC Function

                                                               --------------------- working in low temperature

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