Choose Smartphones or Choose Handheld Computers? December 25,2017.

The figures for smartphone shipments versus those of handheld computers suggest smartphones are set to dominate the market for portable devices, but IT managers still have a choice to make when kitting out mobile staff.

According to analyst firm Gartner Dataquest, sales of smartphones increased by 66% in last year, with almost seven million sold worldwide. Meanwhile, handheld computer shipments grew by a mere 5%, racking up fewer than four million units.

Smartphones are on the rise, driven by the ability to fit more functionality into smaller devices. With IOS and Andorid operating systems driving most smartphones, these devices can now, in theory, run almost any application.

On the other hand, handheld computers offer all the benefits of a shrunk-down PC operating system and support for a wide range of enterprise applications, plus voice capability. All of which begs the questions: is there a real difference between the two device types, and which is most suitable for business?

Users have a much lower tolerance to clumsy technology. Rather, it has to fit in with working methods, offer great battery life, be simple to live with, and deliver the data they need when they need it, without fuss. And that is where the main challenge lies. Adding features is easy; making them accessible and usable is an altogether different challenge.

And that is the key challenge for business too. The device you select for your employees will depend entirely on what they need to do. So, decide first what needs to be done; then go and find the device that suits your needs and don't be dazzled by technology.

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