Choose a handheld computer that fit your tasks December 20,2017.

We have small handheld computers for smaller tasks, and more advanced handheld computers that fits perfectly for tasks in the warehouse and to employees on the run.

duraMOBI provide the complete solution, including hardware, software and integration. We offer standard solutions that can easily be adapted to your needs.

If you have any doubts or uncertainties on which one fits you the best, we recommend you to call us and have a chat about your situation, so that we can give you help.

A rugged handheld computer enables you to register all transactions in the warehouse and in the production, wherever the goods are. DK66 is our newest handheld computer, duraMOBI has an extensive experience in developing and installing software, we can help with the integration to your ERP system or other WMS systems.

DK66 mobile handheld computers are a good choice for the employee on the run, who needs more than an ordinary mobile phone. For a mobile solution it is necessary to have a handheld computer that combines barcode scanning, a digital camera, 4G network and GPS navigation – all in one DK66 handheld computer.

Inexpensive handheld scanners are typically used for inventory and status. Once the data is collected, the handheld computer is placed in a dock which transfers the data to the computer in a comma separated file.

We trade in our old computers, to buy new duraMOBI DK66 hand computers. They are stable and have a long battery life.

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