Industrial Handheld PDA

Rugged Android POS Tablet


    -CPU: 1.3GHz Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7

    -OS: Andorid 4.2.2

    -Docking Station & Charging Cradle

    -Wi-Fi Seamless Roaming

    -Uninterruptible RDP

    -Kiosk Mode (User/Admin Mode )


    Rugged Pos Tablet Used In Restaurant/ Waterproof Tablet

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CPU:Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 1.3GHz
RAM: 512M
External Memory: TF card up to 32GB (not included)

Display: 7.85 inch 1024x768 XGA IPS LCD / sunlight viewable

2MP / 5MP Camera

QRCode scanning (3rd party software)

Rechargeable Li-ion 4000mAh battery

Tabelt PC: 1

Charger: 1

CPU & OS Quad-core ARM Cortex A7 1.3GHz
Android 4.2.2
RAM & Flash Memory 512MB RAM
4GB eMMC Flash (ROM + user data)
Support external MicroSD Card (MAX 32GB)
Dimension, Weight & Drop Spec
Dimension & Weight 137 x 202 x 9 mm (HxWxD)/320g
Drop Spec 0.5m drop tested to concrete floor
Display, Sensors, Buttons & LED
Display & Light Sensor 7.85" 14024x768 XVGA IPS LCD / sunlight visible
Touch Panel Multi-touch capacitive touch panel
IP54 front panel - anti water splash
Separated from LCD for easy and low cost replacement
G-Sensor Auto screen rotation
Auto sleep mode in pocket / holster (unit upside down)
Buttons Power button
LED System LED - Power and charging
Unique Sleep Mode Indicating LED
Audio, Slot, Port & Cover
Audio, Mic & Port Audio speaker
Standard 3.5mm earphone jack(Competible with audio jack magstripe card reader)
Mini-USB for charging and data transfer via PC (ActiveSync)
Protection Rugged Dual Layer Hybrid Protective Case
Anti-drop hand strap
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g 2.4GHz
Exceptional Wi-Fi always-on w/ sleep mode
Wi-Fi Roaming Fast & Seamless roaming
Auto roaming trigger level
Bluetooth Bluetooth v3.0
Support standard profiles, e.g. headset, serial port & etc
Battery & Charging
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion 4000 mAh battery
Charging Charging by Hi-grade micro-USB power adaptor
Charging by cradle connector (for Single/Multi-Charging cradle)
Power IC Protection ESD protections on sockets / plugs
Avoid high transient voltage / current, surge or reverse polarity
Charging Cradle (Optional) Single Charging cradle
(Optional) Multi-charging cradle (6 tablets charging)
Front / Rear 2MP / 5MP Camera
QR Code scanning (3rd party software)
Remote Desktop (RDP)
RDP Support full screen, auto-logon, auto-start and RDP setup profile
Auto scale and fit different screen resolution, e.g. QVGA / VGA to WVGA
Seamless roaming enables uninterruptilbe RDP senssion
Configuration system sleep mode for maximum RDP performance
Tightly coupled with user mode, e.g. disable menu & home keys
User / Admin Mode & Licensing
User Mode
(Kiosk Mode)
Hardened environment for end users and restrict allowed apps
Confirgurable Home, Menu & Back keys as well as notification bar
Bottom system bar can be completely hidden
Avoid support due to incorrect configuration changes by end users
Disable USB and avoid intruders unauthorized changes on system
Enable software licensing via hardware S/N and standard Android API
Remote Manageability
Remote Display & Diagnostics Teamviewer internet support (screen & file transfer access behind firewall)
VNC remote access via WLAN
File Transfer FTP server for remote file upload / download
Dropbox - cloud based file service
OTA Upgrade OTA (over-the-air) ROM version check & upgrade via internet cloud storage
APPs Upgrade & Push Google play services for apps update and internet push via web browser
Battery life & Benchmark
Standby Time > 6 days (Screen OFF + Wi-Fi always-on w/ sleep mode)
Operating > 11 hours (Screen ON + Wi-Fi)
Operating w/ Data > 10 hours (Screen ON + Wi-Fi with data traffic)
Benchmark Reference Quadrant score: 6,000+ / AnTuTu score: 16,100+
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    If you have any problem when using the website or our products, please write down your comments or suggestions, we will answer your questions as soon as possible!Thank you for your attention!

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