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Professional Service

DuraMOBI’s mobile solutions connect professional services workers, make them easier to collaborate with back-office staff. The mobile solution help technicians to create invoices, track orders, and process payment. So, technicians can spend more time with customers, less time in office ,improve the satisfaction of customers, make higher profits and better cash flow.

Connect Technicians

Spend more time with customers and less time in the office.

duraMOBI empowers field technicians by giving them access to all the tools they need in a tablet or a mobile computer.

Place orders; create invoices; process payments; track labor, parts, and materials; and record expenses

Transform Service to Sales

Normally, the professional service technicians represent a companies’ hidden potential,so it has a great impact on sales and customer satisfaction.

duraMOBI’s handheld devices are built for tough industrial environments , so it makes them perfectly fit for professional service applications.  duraMOBI transforms technicians into sellers, customer feedback can be captured quickly, additional services and products can be ordered and paid in real time, that will make customers get better services and create more sales.

Resource Planning Optimization

duraMOBI handheld devices connect workers and make them resource planning more efficient.

Technicians can be dispatched new jobs with right skills and in real time, each order can be tracked from dispatch to complete.

Also, technicians can get the  information directly from the handheld devices about their work, such as the contract and repair history of the products, etc.

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