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Perfectly Ended Of Duramobi 5th Table Tennis Competition
- 2017-12-20

Perfectly Ended Of Duramobi 5th Table Tennis Competition

After half a month of excellent competition, the fifth duraMOBI ping-pong game was finished last night.

There are three major projects in this competition, namely: men's individual events, individual women's individual events, and division teams and division teams.

To maximize the participation of the family members, ensure that everyone has the opportunity to display the talent, and achieve the goal of creating a harmonious corporate culture atmosphere.

With nearly three hundred rounds of intense competition, the three major projects have been born, and xie weijian, vice president, presented them with prizes.

Those are prizes

Let's see who won the games

Group Competion

Champion ( Cloud Service Division)

Second Place (ODM Division)

Third Winner (IOT Division)

Men's Single Competion


Xu Xinghua from brand operation division

Second Place

Zheng Jian from cloud service division

Third winner

Wang Zheng from brand operation division

Women's Single Competition


He Nana from administraiion division

Second Place

Cao Xiaofen from PCBA division

Third Winner

Huang Chunmei from ODM division

Congratulations to the family of the top three in the 2017 table tennis competition, and we will fight next year!

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