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Handle more shipments. Improve load and route planning. Eliminate shipment issues. Even streamline the dispatcher/driver relationship. All with duraMOBI real-time wireless solutions. We’re focused on the issues that make a real difference to your business.

This is Your World: Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics managers say new technology is critical to meet customer demands.Mobile solutions can dramatically improve operational efficiencies, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Delivering on Transportation & Logistics Operations Needs

Using the findings from a research survey conducted among Transportation & Logistics managers around the world, a combination of mobile technology implementations for mobile workers, and process re-engineering efforts can elevate operations to the next level.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting for Private Fleets: Pitfalls and Opportunities

Companies with small private fleets are focused on their core business. Fleet management is often a secondary concern. Private fleets are held to the same regulatory requirements as large transportation companies.

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