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Distribution Center Solutions

duraMOBI can help you when you are facing big pressure.

You have complex distribution center operation, small interest and and fierce competition not allow the errors. So what separates the best from the rest? duraMOBI.

duraMOBI offers a complete solution of your business needs, optimize distributor center.

You will see faster, more accurate and mor flexible performance, and the cost will reduced.

Streamlined Voice Picking

Customers are looking for rationalize costs, savvy businesses with large distributor center facilities, and they need quicker and more accurate delivery. duraMOBI create a more efficient warehouse environment that extends to the actual delivery supply chain.

Reducing Labor Costs

Discover drive workflow productivity, reduce material-handling costs, improve compliance and safety, optimize order fulfillment rates and inventory accuracy, prevent misshipments, and streamline your DC operations while reducing labor costs and capital expenses.

Cutting Labor Time

Converted manual produce trace-ability system into a real-time, automated system – a new solution that significantly boosts food trace-back speed and inventory accuracy, while cutting labor time and costs.

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