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duraMOBI is the official brand operating division of Shenzhen Gomtel Science&Technology Co.,Ltd. The division is primarily dedicated to the higher-end mobile terminals, such as rugged mobile computers, rugged smartphones and wearable devices. duraMOBI combines deep industry technology and advanced supply chain management to bring value to customers worldwide in various industries, such as hotel ,restaurant, logistics, retails, fire ...
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Our Rugged handhled devices is not only a 4G smartpone, but also an industrial handheld terminal with 1D/2D Barcode Scanner,  NFC function, Wifi seamless roaming, if you want to find any rugged handheld PDAs with Andriod or windows system, duraMOBI is definitely your good choice. In additonal, if you want to find any smartwatches or internert of things, we can also provide you solutions.

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products categories
  • Industrial Handheld PDA
    Industrial Handheld PDA

    Industrial handheld PDA is industrial handheld terminal, like 1D/2D barcode scanner, RFID reader, etc.

    Industrial Handheld PDA

    POS PDA is kind of handheld device which can be used in retail industries, hotel and restuarant, it's a kind of handheld pos terminals.

  • Rugged Tablet PC
    Rugged Tablet PC

    Rugged Andorid Tablet PC is tough than common tablet pcs, it's used in some special industries, our tablet PC is waterproof as industrial handheld PC.

    Rugged Tablet PC
  • Internet of Things
    Internet of Things

    Its purpose is to realize the connection between objects and objects, objects and people, and to facilitate identification, management and control.

    Internet of Things
  • Smart Watch
    Smart Watch

    Smart watch is a watch that has information processing ability and conforms to the basic technical requirements of watch, a kind of smart wearable device. The smart watch should have a reminder, navigation, calibration, healthcare monitoring, interaction and other functions besides the time of instruction, some samrt watch are water proof.

    Smart Watch
latest news
  • duraMOBI NB-IOT Heathcare Smart Watch shows at MWC Shanghai 2018-06-28 duraMOBI NB-IOT Heathcare Smart Watch shows at MWC Shanghai

    duraMOBI NB-IOT Heathcare Smart Watch shows at MWC Shanghai On June 27, the three-day 2018 mobile world congress, Shanghai, opened at the Shanghai new international expo center Follow the NB - commercial trend of IOT, duraMOBI developed the first NB ...

  • duraMOBI R&D management conference 2018-05-02 duraMOBI R&D management conference

    duraMOBI R&D management conference In response to the needs of enterprise development strategy, Presided Zhao over a R&D management meeting on the afternoon of April 28. Leaders at all levels of the R&D center and the staff of the departm...

  • Why DK66 has being so popular all the way from MWC to Modex? 2018-04-23 Why DK66 has being so popular all the way from MWC to Modex?

    With the development of informatization and intelligent technologies, an increasing number of enterprises begin to use mobile handsets, such as smart handheld terminals and RFID/NFC data collectors to meet the needs for their special industries. Ligh...

  • DK66 Rugged Mobile Computer Attracted Customers At Modex 2018 2018-04-12 DK66 Rugged Mobile Computer Attracted Customers At Modex 2018

    Following the development trend of smart logistics, the DK66 incustrial handheld terminal is embedded in the logistics warehouse solution module at the beginning of the product design. Built-in laser scanner, can quickly and accurately identify 1D / ...

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